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Il tuo profilo. I tuoi Follow. Log out. Login in corso. Accedi con. Hai dimenticato la password? Procedi al login. Sparky loves to eat salmon, it's her favorite, and occasionally a perch. Sparky loves Snoggletog so much that she wears antlers and jingle bells all year long! My In-Game Dragons:.

Everything above made by hot lava girl Adopted Dragons:. Back Story: One sunny day not-so-long-ago, I was walking through a forest, feeling the breeze in my hair and having fun on my Alone Time. I like to have an "Alone Time" at least once a week, for about an hour, so I don't go insane Some would say I am but I beg to differ and today was one of them.

I was alone or so I thought. The whole time I felt the hair on the back of my neck standing straight up as if someone was watching or even following me.

Whisper and Winterwind: The Song of Death | School of Dragons | How to Train Your Dragon Games

But there was no one with me at that time. I would turn around frequently, checking to see if anyone was following me or to see their eyes in the darkest corners of the forest. At one time I thought I heard a whoosh sound from a tree's leaves. Slowly I sat down and pretended to rest. Slowly but surely, something can up behind me and nudged me on the shoulder. By now I am already used to things nudging me so I turned around and saw a night fury behind me. She was missing her left tail fin. It was as if she had gotten in a fight with another dragon because her tail fin was all slashed and she had bloodied slashes on her all are healed now and you can't even see scars.

Whisper and Winterwind: The Song of Death

I knew she was hungry why else would she be following me. I gave her a fish I had brought with me and she looked at me with her big eyes. She beckoned me to get on her back and was very trusting, almost too trusting, and laid back when I finally did. But we couldn't fly yet not matter how much she wanted too. I knew I to get a tail fin for her so I decided to make one. I didn't want her to be dependent on a person.

Which is why one of her tail fins is pink. They seemed to have already know her cause she didn't mind when they flew beside her. Apparently they had they were secretly protecting her from dangers and watching her to make sure she was alright. I just assume that it was against a monstrous nightmare or skrill. I do have a saddle for her if she wanted me to fly with her. Which is fine by me. Well I don't know but she always comes back within a week or two. Dragons by me:.

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The Ferocious FourEyes: Click here to get one of your own! Thank you to everyone who made something for me!! Icebones: Nope, I don't see anyone. And I don't hear the music anymore, either. Maybe we should split up to look. Whisper: Oh, no, I'm not getting left behind again! There's something eerie about this place Whisper: Alright, well, go up high and look.


Let's just stay within sight of each other. Whisper: Hey, look, an old campsite! It looks like it's been abandoned for awhile Icebones: No, I mean, before I went to hibernate in the glacier where you found me, I knew this island. It was full of animals Now it's so It makes my spines stand on end. By DuskDaybreak. Whiteflash's friend. If you are competive racer and search family clan-Please join Swift Champions.

Contact victoriae or Rebicar for details. Winterwind: Yes, a giant butterfly! And then it spat this amber-like stuff at me, and when it cooled, it hardened, and now I'm stuck! Icebones: That's a good name for it, if that's what you humans call it.


I've never seen one, but I've heard stories. It sprays dragons with its sap-like breath, which becomes hard as rock when it cools. It then comes back for the trapped dragons to feast on them! I'm surprised you didn't know any better, Windy. Icebones: Of course it won't. Nothing can break Death Song amber. Windy is doomed. Utterly doomed. Whisper: You had it coming! Now what do you mean, doomed? Can't hot fire melt this stuff? Icebones: It's unbreakable, I tell you! Nothing short of melting it could work!

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The only time it's even a bit breakable when it's cold is when it's frozen through! We need fire and we don't Icebones: Oh. Apparently it will shatter if it's frozen. But it would take days or even weeks of the deepest frost to get it that cold. Oh, thank you! This is only my first one, so I'm glad to hear it's turning out so well!

Hypergoof is actually the one who inspired me to try this. She's the best! Although I feel kind of bad now that we both have wild blue Skrill friends. Still, it's an uncomfortable coincidence. It's just a coincidence. It doesn't matter really. I understand it may be a bit uncomfortable , but you didn't even knew about Ziggy. Don't worry. I am fine with it. I actually think it's funny how similar they just happen to look. Maybe they are distant relatives or something.

Mass of Man - Whispers In The Wind

Ziggy does have a weirdly large family for a suppose to be solitary skrill. Besides I know I picked very common colors for skrills I'm also one of those people who likes to put realistic colors on my dragons though on a few of them I do tweak things. I only really get creative on dragons shown to come in multiple colors in the show Ziggy's colors were actually an accident.

I was trying to mimic the one in the show but it had been a while since I had seen the show so he ended up blue I didn't even notice the spots until I had finished coloring him But I found that his spots were cute and I liked his color too much to change it once I found out that oops the one from the TV show was actually dark purple! XD Anyway my point is that I know lots of people have a blue skrill and I don't mind at all.