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Full moon lunar eclipses are different from new moon solar eclipses because it's a time of letting go as opposed to starting new.

Solar and Lunar Returns with Magic Mike and Astrolada. How to predict your Year ahead!

Full moons are a time for endings and completion, but with Saturn retrograde, Pluto retrograde, and the South Node in the mix, this is also the ending of a very important cycle — one none of us will ever see again. This eclipse season is simply part of the story, and the grand finale of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series will take place in January In the meantime, think back to July and January , because similar themes may be resurfacing during this time.

While you're at it, look at where Cancer-Capricorn are location via your birth chart. This is where you'll experience a powerful breakthrough.

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What are you willing to let go of, Aries? Your soul mission is calling.

Repressed fears are no longer an option. So go do what you were born to do. The world needs you. Embrace the infinite possibilities headed your way, but make sure you let go of the negative beliefs you've acquired throughout your lifetime in the process.

Eclipses Season July Explained and What it Means for You

Embrace the new you, Taurus. You're becoming a beautiful butterfly, Gemini. But in the midst of your evolution process, there are a few things you need to let go of. Remember who you are and what you're capable of. Way to go, Cancer. The days where you stayed quiet just to make others happy are no longer. Speak your peace, make amends, and say your goodbyes if need be.

Think of each circle alternating as lunar and solar cycles, see how they all connect together, and if you follow along in an outer spiral motion each cycle comes up again throughout the year.

How The July 12222 Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Moon cycle opens up some powerful energy to manifest the life we want. By giving us direction on which life area to focus on and look at we can acknowledge areas where we need to grow and tailor new moon wishes and affirmations during its powerful phases to create the life we want!

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Prediction is interesting because things won't always happen the way you would think. But it prepares you for new cycles and fresh starts. I personally have been able to deal with sudden changes emotionally and physically due to the New Moon giving me a heads up in that life area. Most Recently the New Moon in Taurus was in my Moon signs house of Love and Relationships—this brought on a change in my relationship—a parting, unfortunately, but also a new beginning, and in my boyfriends chart the new moon was in his moons life area of self-development - the break up being an important part of his self-discovery and growth.

I can honestly say that this brings me a bit more peace—knowing that everything is working out cosmically and for a reason. Friends, many Canadians today suffer from success and the trials that come with achieving success… Therefore, in an effort to begin this brand new year on an unhelpful note, I offer these humble insig The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

This will always be true even after you and I are long gone. It will never stop happening that way, unless some universal phenomenon occurs. Hopefully b Instead, we We all want to make the world a better place except on those days where we wouldn't mind watching it burn, either , but such a concept seems impossible and nostalgic, at best.

Solar & Lunar Eclipses: Tables

Corruption, fraud, huma How do you know who are you are? In Astrology, the Sun is ego and the Moon is depth.

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  • This one also connects to Pluto, which is the dwarf planet often depicted as Shiva, the dark-destroyer, vanquishing demons and summoning the light — allowing us to let go of anything or anyone negative, and embrace the light. Borderline escapist, feeling a sense of loss, sad, overwhelmed and reactive, or taking our bad moods out on others.

    We can dial up the powerful vibe with determination and the aspiration and ability to be fabulously creative, caring, kind and brave. We may feel like escaping from life by taking sick days, staying in bed or hiding behind the safety banner of work, but these choices are not the most empowering ones to make.

    Instead, we can harness the positive attributes of this season. We are likely to be brilliant, driven and highly intuitive to the needs and desires of others, which can deliver incredible results that serve all.

    General Mood

    These will be broken down for analysis; some will fall, but those that are meant to last will be transformed into unions with more sincerity, authenticity and depth. All intimate unions will likely be shaken up, to reveal what is really happening beneath the surface, some come out stronger and more aligned with our soul paths, some fall, until the next life perhaps. The cycle never really ends. In summary, these Summer Eclipses will have a lasting impact that will probably reach a climax on December 26th, , because this solar eclipse will fall in the sign of Sagittarius, the zodiac sign gunning for truth at any cost.