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Miss Marple thought that he saw someone on the right, where the Hillingdons and the Dysons were coming up the beach, but she remembered that he had a glass eye so could not see on his right, but only on his left where Tim and Molly were sitting. Tim was planning to kill his wife, but Major Palgrave recognized him and so had to be killed, and Victoria remembered the serenite so she was killed.

Tim put belladonna in Molly's cosmetics to have a reason for her to commit suicide. When Molly accidentally took the sleeping pill overdose, Tim saw his chance and asked her to meet him by the pond. Molly, on her way to the meeting, had a scary vision from the belladonna and wandered off.

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Tim saw Lucky waiting there and mistook her for Molly and killed her. He was about to poison her when Miss Marple came in.

Esther Walters suddenly falls to Tim's knees and says that Tim isn't a killer. Tim shouts at her, asking whether she wants to get him hanged. He was the architectural draftsman and when Max was in charge of the dig at Arpachiyah, Syria in , he hired Rose to be his draftsman.

Rose was a Scot, and as Christie described him, "a beautiful draughtsman, with a quiet way of talking, and a gentle humour that I found irresistible. After lukewarm reviews of her two previous novels, Francis Iles Anthony Berkeley Cox felt that the writer was back on form in his review in The Guardian's issue of December 11, "Mrs Agatha Christie has done it again.

How does she do it? For the rest, it is Miss Marple this time who is in charge of the story; and all one can guess is that the setting is a Caribbean island. Maurice Richardson in The Observer of November 15, began, "A most encouraging return to somewhere very near her best unputdownable form. Not very hard to guess, but quite suspenseful. Good varied characterisation including a particularly excellent octogenarian tycoon.

The Daily Mirror of November 21, said, "Not quite at the top of her form. A Miss Marples sic story which addicts won't find as unsolvable as usual. Robert Barnard: "In the tradition of all those package-tour mysteries written by indigent crime writers who have to capitalize on their meagre holidays. Nothing much of interest, but useful for illustrating the 'fluffification' of Miss Marple.

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Reuses a ploy from Appointment with Death. The millionaire Jason Rafiel appears again, posthumously, in the novel Nemesis where he sends Miss Marple on a case specifically because of her success in solving the events related in A Caribbean Mystery. Donald Pleasence co-starred as Mr. The novel was serialised in the Star Weekly Novel , a Toronto newspaper supplement, in two abridged instalments from January 16 to January 23, with each issue containing an uncredited cover illustration.

Murder in Miami: A Mackenzie Scott Mystery

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. It features the detective Miss Marple. That would have been more in character with the Jane Marple Agatha wrote in her books. I am in a dilemma. Just this morning, I received a late Christmas gift from a dear friend who knows I like detective stories and, especially, Agatha Christie. What do I do? I cannot bear to watch them, but I know she will eventually ask me if I enjoyed them so what will I say? StathisZavitsanos Attiki, Greece. February I think that the best miss Marple is Joan Hickson.

Next goes Mckenzie and Lansberry. Moonraker Wiltshire, United Kingdom. March Joan Hickson will always be my definitive Miss Marple. I tried watching the more modern versions but hated them.

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Too many changes. You are right about A Murder Is Announced, It did have Zoe Wanamaker as Miss Blacklock, I have blocked out of my mind the silly and Hurtful admission about loving a Married Man, I say hurtful because it doesn't allow readers to imagine why she is still a Spinster, It is one Loose thread which should never have been tied up in my view.

I can't remember which adaptation it was so I have no idea who it could be. Julia McKenzie is my favourite by far - has that twinkle in her eye and very intelligent Laura Ann. I wish they could more faithful to the plot. Frank Queensland, Australia. April May Joan Hickson for me, especially when she's the one AC liked. Maggie Smith would probably add a sterness to the character, that Marple has - but which is only seen on rare occassions.

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So I'm not sure how it'd work. Judi Dench is a brilliant actress, and very twinkly, but possibly has too much presence. I see Marple as quiet, subdued, unsure of herself, until suddenly she's very sure and quite determined to have justice. Angela Lansbury - would be very good, just needs to act a bit older, not so energetic. Marple has arthritis, after all, and eventually can't even bend in her garden.

September I have not seen the last episodes with Julia McKenzie I watch and re-watch them. I enjoyed Joan Hickson's portrayals. I enjoyed those films because a they were stylishly suited to the period of time mid 's post-wwII England; b the characterizations were close to what I envisioned when I read Christie's novels; c the plots were close to Christie's novels.

Not exact but very close.

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I thought Hickson was credible, subtle, and elegantly understated. I loved the recurring characters -- Horowitz as Slack, and Sergeant Lake, for example. I thought the casting for each episode was of a very high calibre with one or two exceptions. I didn't mind that McEwan played the character differently.

What would you expect of a fine actress? Each one puts her or his stamp on any character. I found her different from my picturing of Miss Marple -- not quite ladylike and subtle enough -- but generally, I liked McEwan's character as I got used to it. What I cannot condone under any circumstances, is the butchery of Dame Christie's fine mysteries by various screen writers in the McEwan series. I do not mind that other McEwan Marple films were not originally Marple stories and cannot comment because I don't know the original stories.

I like Ordeal by Innocence best of that group. Julie McKenzie seems to settle into the role as she goes along.