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I was born here and I love Africa. It was written from my soul. Jennifer Munro "This book will make you laugh and make you cry. If it doesn't touch your heart, you haven't got one. It is an engaging book that is impossible to put down from start to finish. You really come to care about Poppet. This book was truly a great find! It's beautifully written, the descriptions bring the Africa I remember to life, the characters are people that feel familiar, people that you can connect with and it's definitely a page turner.

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He had arrived near the bridge by now, all the while thinking about Rias Gremory. And somehow, a cute girl had found her way right in front of him.

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She wore a uniform from a school he did not recognise. Something with red and green. Still, she pulled it off nicely. Her chest filled out the uniform nicely.

He saw some strain on the top buttons. Her hair was black and her eyes purple. A permanent blush was on her face as she fumbled with her bag. How did she know that? Sure he was famous, well, infamous, at his school, but not outside of it. Her eyes looked at the ground.

He almost said yes, but then something made him reconsider. Clearly she had not expected this. She wrote down her number. Then, she ripped it off and handed it to him. She suddenly appeared much more confident. But something nagged inside of him. Issei let out his breath. The old Issei would have definitely fallen for that.

He would have agreed without thinking. First of all, if a hot girl like that passed by here, he would have noticed it. Especially one with such a nice chest. This bridge left little room for people to spot him without him noticing. Yet he had never seen that girl before. So what was up with that? Secondly, no one would ever confess to a random boy like that. At the very least she would have talked a bit longer. He was a stranger after all. And thirdly, her timing was a bit too suspicious. Strange things started happening with the dead guy and all and then a random girl he had never seen before showed up and told him she wanted to date him?

That was just a little too coincidental. Besides, the timing did not match at all.

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She said she saw him walking home, but today he had gone home later than usual as he had gone to the ORC first. So did she just stand around and wait? Just to confess this particular day when she could have picked literally any day? What was special about today? And of course, most importantly.

Her shyness had vanished for a moment which led him to believe it was acted. She had done her research well and concluded he would easily fall for her trap. And she would have been right. But he had gotten a bit smarter lately. Issei picked up his phone and dialed a number. He at least had to confirm this. Thought you would want to know. That was a nice name. He continued walking home. Maybe he was being paranoid after all. He should call her right now and say he would love to go out with her. He had waited his entire life for a chance like this and now he was wasting it based upon some strange coincidences.

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He went outside of the living room and took the stairs up. She does not go to the school that matches her uniform. So he was right. Something did not make sense. Why would she make up a fake name?

Meet me tomorrow before school at the clubroom. No way he could ever hope close the distance between the two of them. She had specifically asked to meet him before school, right? Or had he just dreamed that? It did sound a little too good to be true. Why would this beauty want to see him? Hesitantly, he turned the doorknob and pushed.

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The room was lit with candles and morning light. He started to doubt whether they ever used the actual lights. Rias-senpai was in the room, but she was not capable of replying as she was fast asleep.