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Coherent lily of the valley stands are usually one and the same vegetatively spreading plant. As the root branches and gets longer the stand expands by about 12 cm 4. The largest stands are thought to be — years old. Its flowers have no nectar, but their strong fragrance tempts a large group of pollen gatherers.


The ripe red berries might look delicious, but they are deadly poison to all mammals. Birds can however eat them and spread the seeds to new habitats.

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Lily of the valley has had many colloquial names that refer to the tongue-like shape of its leaves. One wonders if lily of the valley would have become the Finnish national flower if it had been called e. Identify species based on their characteristics! About us Our partners. Rootstock thin, branched, scaly.

Forms stands. Height: 15—25 cm 6—10 in. Stem bristly, sometimes with purple base. Flower: Perianth campanulate—almost spherical, white, approx.

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Stamens 6. We'll be happy to help. Create charming accents with tiny Lily of the Valley flowers. Featuring white bell-shaped blooms that hang down on their stalks, these adorable flowers have a strong scent that sends a pleasant aroma throughout your yard. With varieties that grow to be only around 6 to 8 inches tall, these Dutch-sourced lily of the valley plants look right at home in spring gardens or planted underneath trees and shrubs.

You can also use these little plants as borders along walkways and paths to create an enchanting landscape. As exceptional spreaders, it's important to plant your lily of the valley Convallaria majalis where they'll have plenty of room to multiply. To control the spread, you can plant them in outdoor containers. This type of plant grows well in climate hardiness zones 2 to 9, and they prefer shade, but can also tolerate full sun.

Plant the roots approximately 2 inches below the soil line and about 6 to 8 inches apart for late spring blooms. Lily of the valley plants require moist and well-drained soil. Easy to care for, these deer-resistant perennials are native to North America, and feature sword-like medium green foliage.

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Some varieties can grow over a foot tall, but most varieties stay below a foot. Lily of the valley plants make a charming addition to a woodland garden. Consider pairing them with geraniums, hostas, tiger lilies and asters. Create accents to entryways or force blooms indoors by planting them in containers.

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Plant them in masses in fields and meadows, allowing them to spread their beautiful blooms naturally throughout your landscape. Create a splendid shade garden using these lily of the valley blooms with astilbe, begonias and meadow rue for charming colour and variety. Add these dainty beauties to freshly cut bouquets to create a beautiful arrangement. Delight in the sweet fragrance and dainty blooms of lily of the valley flowers.

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