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On the shores of Lake Biel in particular, saucissons containing spent grain and cooked in distilling kettles feature on the menu. Other specialities the Appenzell is famous for include: Appenzeller cheese , the Appenzeller cheese tart and the Appenzeller scalded sausages. In terms of drinks, the Appenzeller Alpenbitter is famous throughout Switzerland.

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Gall called OLMA. True connoisseurs know that this sausage is best eaten without mustard because this allows the full aroma of the meat to unfold. In fact, people from Eastern Switzerland generally consider it an insult if the sausage is eaten with mustard. Bratwurst connoisseurs recommend picking the sausage up in the hand to eat it rather than using a knife and fork.

The barbecue sausage is not only available during the OLMA fair but is omnipresent at other times and in other places too, such as at fairs, barbecue parties and sausage stalls. with Antique, Vintage and Rare Cook Books

Experts estimate that an unbelievable 45 million bratwursts are devoured in Switzerland per year. That equals an impressive 6. The St. Honey, for example, is added to hazelnut gingerbread in very modest amounts, if at all, and of the many exotic spices which are normally contained in gingerbread, the Bernese speciality only features cinnamon.

Culinary Arts

As a matter of fact, the Bernese Haselnusslebkuchen is created without a grain of flour or drop of water. Instead the sweet pastry consists of an aromatic dough made of ground hazelnuts, sugar and egg white. The sweet Meitschibei biscuit is also made with hazelnuts. Meringues , usually with a generous helping of whipped cream are served as a dessert throughout the canton of Bern. However, they are also sold at other Swiss fetes and fairs as well. Other wafer biscuits associated with Zurich are Offleten.

Amazing Munich Food Tour - German CRISPY PORK LEG and Attractions in Munich, Germany!

They are made of an equally brittle, extremely thin pastry but are disc-shaped and consequently not filled. They are the opposite to soft waffles which are best eaten warm. At Christmas Tirggel , dry honey biscuits, baked in special picture moulds are available in Zurich. The Zuger Kirschtorte is a round, approximately five-centimetre high cake consisting of a biscuit centre which is soaked in kirsch and placed between two short japonaise layers.

Inside the cake, two thin layers of butter cream contain the kirsch. Butter cream is also spread over the top and sides or the cake. In terms of taste, the Zuger Kirschtorte is delicate, creamy and crunchy with the flavour of kirsch and butter cream dominating. As the name suggests, the Zuger Kirschtorte comes from Zug. It is made in many cake shops throughout Switzerland, mainly on a commercial basis as making this speciality is very elaborate. Sbrinz is an extra-hard, full fat cheese made of raw milk. Program Healthy Tips Recipes.

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Read More. One recipe a day. Get ready for fine dining quality meal with cozy atmosphere at home by collecting our cooking recipes from AGM's five star chef. At Annam Gourmet Market, we have more than a year track record bringing the world's finest food and beverage brands to Vietnam. The menu created for the Gourmet Festival of the island of Sylt is comprised of ceviche of Atlantic wreckfish, lime and avocado; a warm cream soup of watercress with lemon sorbet; cod, red onion, coriander and sweet potato and pork fillet smeared in cheese and boiled mojo sauce.

For dessert, it includes creamy banana, biscuit and Dulce de leche. Known as the culinary island, Sylt, in northern Germany, hosts a gastronomy festival every year.