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But it is fun. The story stands up, well enough but not too well. Have you seen the movie yet? All our relatives seem to be much more exciting than we are. Yet we must struggle forward. Being related to the cops is one way to get the inside scoop on how the investigation really went, and that up close attention to emotional detail shows in this overview of the case that resulted in the conviction of Gary Ridgway for the Green River murders.

He confessed—in exchange for providing the locations of additional bodies and having the death penalty taken off the table—to murdering 49 women in the greater Seattle area over two decades. The actual number is probably higher; Ridgway claims 71, but other sources say the number could be more than Any woman who lived in the Pacific Northwest during the period remembers the terror, as well as the sense of security that came from the myth that he only killed prostitutes.

The graphic format eschews gore——which might not be expected——and goes instead for the emotional weight that fell on the detectives and deputies who were working to bring the murderer to justice. The Revisionists is that kind of novel, but with a twist. But is the future really so great, and is the present really that awful? Mullen has married time travel to spy thriller in the most promising way, without losing the best attributes of either.

Featuring the brilliant, intuitive, driven—and alcoholic—detective Harry Hole, The Snowman moves between creepy tension and heart-pounding action.

A sadistic killer stalks and violently attacks adulterous women. His ritual includes building a snowman a day or so before killing. The snow sculptures are also decorated with pieces taken from the victims.

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Nicknamed the Snowman, the killer is the target of an intense investigation. But even with the official focus and media attention, the Snowman succeeds in killing again as the police sift through likely candidates—among them some clever red herrings. Site Map

Years earlier, a proud, egotistical, and smart detective had faced the Snowman and lost his life. Unfortunately, Harry is not at his best. After years of scares and embarrassments, he has finally had enough and is doing his best to stop drinking. Overwhelmed at times with his need to drink, he struggles to clear his head. But he needs more than his substantial intellect to survive and defeat the killer.

Creative and intense, and not for the faint-hearted, The Snowman is a chilling novel that lives up to the well-deserved reputation of Scandinavian crime novels. Here are a couple of short book picks from guest critics:. The Orchard: A Memoir. Weir was living with her uncle, a man who became an unwitting murder accomplice, in a bar where she met Adrian, an apple farmer unable to stand up to his family or leave the business that eventually killed him. Weir and Adrian marry three months later against the wishes of both families.

Ready Player One. If you identify yourself as a nerd, geek, gamer, s history buff, a fan of science, fantasy, or dystopian fiction, otaku, s movie fan, romantic, someone who grew up in the s, or a human with emotions—you will enjoy Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

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The will states that whoever completes a quest-like journey imbued with s trivia through the OASIS will receive that fortune. Young Wade Watts wants desperately to be the person who receives this ultimate prize. His adventure through the OASIS is full of unexpected trials, unique characters, and fascinating plot twists. Chris Ware does remarkable graphic novels about unremarkable people.

This really is the art of compassion. A former Twin Cities cop, McKenzie retired early after getting a large insurance settlement. Occasionally, McKenzie does favors for his friends, the kind of favors that a former cop and unlicensed private investigator can do. Jack was born Oct. He lived his entire life in Amarillo and graduated from Amarillo High School.

In , Jack went to work for the Amarillo Fire Department and worked for 27 years, retiring in He loved sports, especially football and baseball. Jack enjoyed working around the house and being around his friends and family. He loved a good steak and playing and spending time with his dog, Cooper. He was preceded in death by his father, John Burk; his mother, Jimmie Zielke; and an infant sister, Deborah. Sunday, Dec. David was born July 13, , in Carlsbad, N. He married Cheryl Lilly on Dec. She survives.


Gager and Yvonne M. Van Angelbeek Gager. Lem worked as an engineer for oil companies so Stephen grew up overseas, leaving the Netherlands at two for Saudi Arabia where he lived a happy childhood until age eleven when the family moved to Australia. He lived there until he was 15 and chose to attend New Mexico Military Institute as a boarding student. At age 17, he left and attended high school in Houston, Texas. He moved to Florida in where he enlisted in the Coast Guard. Stephen was active for four years before transferring to the Coast Guard Reserve where he served until his retirement in Stephen attended Hillsborough Community College.

Petersburg area. A lifelong Christian, Stephen spent long hours studying the Bible. His friends and family were all recipients of his knowledge and insights. Stephen enjoyed woodworking, kitchen design; which he did professionally for a while, and house remodeling of all types. He could turn his hand to almost any project from roofing to tiling and flooring. He also loved to shop and had a keen eye for a bargain.

Stephen was married and divorced twice,. Garvey, Robert J.

Stolen Child

He was preceded in death by his parents, Hugh and Jo Ann Howey. Huber, 2LT Glen M. Brad Light was born Aug. He graduated from New Mexico Military Institute in Brad returned to Carlsbad after graduation to join the family business. He served as president of the Wills Royalty, Inc. Brad loved the movie theater business. Brad was an avid dog lover. He was preceded in death by his mother, Jo Anna W. Light; and brother, Robert M.

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Light of Austin, Texas; brother, Stanley W. Otero, David, Jr. David was preceded in death by his mother, Lora Otero. David was a UNM basketball player and high school basketball coach and a big supporter of high school basketball. David had a big impact on his family and the community, through his generosity and his big loving heart for everyone.

Peterson, Richard B. Rick was born on Sept. Sabatini, who also preceded him in death. Rick is survived by his daughters, Ariana F.

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Sabatini and Natasha G. Sabatini, as well as his ex-wife, Tambra Warner Sabatini, all of Titusville. He is also fondly remembered by his dear friends, the Rosemary and Dennis Winton family of Titusville. As a young child, Rick lived in both Italy and Germany and spent many days traveling throughout Europe with his parents, and eventually resided in El Paso, Texas, where he graduated from Eastwood High School in As a distinguished ROTC student, he received many awards and honors.

Following his graduation in , he entered the Douglas MacAthur Academy of Freedom at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas, to complete his undergraduate degree, which he received in Army in with the rank of captain while stationed at Ft. Lee, VA. Upon his departure from the U. Army, he entered duty with the Central Intelligence Agency in as a field agent assigned domestically. He retired from his combined service with the U. Army and the CIA after 25 years of service to move his family to Pennsylvania.

Sacomano, Michael J. He worked as an accountant for Endeavor Energy Resources. He played polo for several years and he loved walking his dogs at the Polo Fields. Tony loved his job and was always willing to help out his co-workers.

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He is preceded in death by his mother, Joy Shaw, one uncle, and one aunt. He also leaves behind his four dogs: Annie, Dakota, Belle, and Riley. Shull, Ralph E. He is also survived by his father, Paul Shull, mother Kathy Shull and brothers, Bert Shull and wife Janet, Gary Shull and wife Leann and several uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews.

He is also survived by his in-laws the Gardenhire family.