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Francisco Ugarte. Mary McVey Gill. Arturo A.

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Maria Canteli Dominicis. Carmen Pereira-Muro.

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    Toni Morrison. John Balcom. Brian Swann. Oscar Wilde. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura hispanica. Description More than just an anthology of Spanish and Spanish American literature, Aproximaciones is also an introduction to literary analysis. Organized by genres prose, poetry, drama, and the essay , it provides a rich and diverse array of reading selections. Each section is accompanied by an introduction and exercises. People who bought this also bought. Add to basket. El gesticulador R. Coyotes Volume 1 Sean Lewis.

    Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura hispanica Carmelo Virgillo. Espana y su civilizacion Francisco Ugarte. El Tunel Sabato. Latinoamerica Arturo A.

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    This version was chosen because unlike the edition, it was produced with Cabeza de Vaca's intervention. Black and white illustrations depict events during the expedition. The Introduction offers a summary of Cabeza de Vaca's eight year expedition in North America and of his later adventures in South America recorded in the Commentaries. More analysis of the Naufragios as literary discourse than that given would have been appreciated especially by readers unfamiliar with Spanish and, thus, unable to consult the introduction to Pupo-Walker's Spanish critical edition.

    An annotated translation by Marting A. This translation succeeds in capturing in modern English idiom the qualities of oral storytelling found in Spanish. The translators take special pride, and rightly so, in their annotations of geographical, environmental and personal references. A very complete bibliography of secondary works completes the volume. These new translations of the Naufragios go a long way to meet the need for an accurate English version that reads well and contains informative notes and bibliography.

    The scholars involved in both editions are to be congratulated. The Learned King is the history of a king and his reign; but since his reign was devoted so much to literature and the fine arts, as well as the sciences, history and the law, this study is of exceptional value to Hispanists.

    Such scholars, as they research Alfonso's literature, language and other matters pertaining to culture will find O'Callaghan's a valuable reference when they need to cite the Learned King's activities.

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    His book is a reliable account, and the fact that it is written in English and that it is available, while the great old Spanish histories are difficult to find, lend it special attractiveness. The author is one of America's two outstanding historians of Medieval Spain, the other being Robert I. Burns, S. O'Callaghan's deep interest and expertise in the reign of Alfonso never allows him to be adulatory.

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    He writes in a clear and straightforward style which makes his work exceptionally readable. The reviewer has concentrated upon the book's contribution to Hispanism, but even so, some overview of the topics treated by the author should be offered through the listing of the titles of the chapters: 1. The King and His Kingdoms; 2.

    The Ideology of Government; 3. The Tools of Government; 4. The Church; 5. The Nobility; 6. The Municipalities; 7. Religious Minorities; 8. The Economy; 9. Each chapter is divided into often numerous subheadings, providing reference to detailed accounts. All of this scholarly activity will benefit from O'Callaghan's book, since it provides information needed often as a reliable basis for Alfonsine research.